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Niles Canyon

Stroll & Roll

Walk and bike through Niles Canyon.


September 23, 2023

8am - 2pm*

Event info

Don't miss this opportunity to walk and bike Niles Canyon with friends and family. Here's some helpful info for the day:

Event Schedule

  • Saturday, September 23, 2023

  • *7am - 8am: Open only to cyclists. 

  • 8am - 2pm: Open to cyclists and pedestrians


  • No pets allowed

  • Total length of the route is 6.4 miles one way and 12.8 miles round trip

  • Estimated round trip travel time:

    • Walking: 4.5 hours​ (round trip)

    • Biking: 1.5 hours (round trip)

  • There will be 2 rest stops within the canyon with portable restrooms, water, and chairs

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Things to do

In addition to walking and biking Niles Canyon/Highway 84, here are a few other exciting activities you'll find at Stroll & Roll.

bike rodeo.jpg

Youth Bike Safety Workshop by  Bike East Bay

Join Bike East Bay certified instructors between 10:30am - 1pm for their Bike Rodeo!

Class instruction includes:

  • Helmet Fitting

  • Riding in a straight line

  • Stopping at intersections

  • ABC quick check-Air, Brakes, Chain, and Quick Check!

Learn more and RSVP at eventbrite:

Get your bike tuned up by local bike organizations such as Centripedal.

Bike Tune Ups

Visit Exhibitors

Learn about the local government agencies and organizations that helped organize Stroll & Roll.

Niles District

We're adding a shuttle stop at Niles District in Fremont. Enjoy the farmers' market and local shops.

Charlie Chaplin Photo Tour

Did you know Niles Canyon is a historical site in the film industry? Learn more through a photo tour by the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum.

Sunol Business Guild

Sunol's business are ready to share all that their beautiful town has to offer. Enjoy food from Casa Bell and Boscos and find artisan goods. 

Learn about the Trail

Trail consultants will present and available to answer any questions regarding the development of the official Niles Canyon Trail.

Event Info
Things to do
How to get there

How to get there

NOTICE: BART track will be shutdown between Union City and Fremont stations on the weekend of 9/23 - 9/24 due to maintenance and hazardous tree removal. Visit for more details.

Please plan accordingly. Routes to the Stroll & Roll event are detailed below.

Bike Routes to Stroll & Roll Fremont Staging Area

For detailed biking routes to the Stroll & Roll Fremont Staging Area from Fremont BART, Union City BART, Quarry Lakes, and Niles District provided by Bike Fremont, click here or visit for more info.

AC Transit

  • Line 216:

    • Get off at Niles Blvd & Vallejo St and walk a block towards Mission Blvd and onto Niles Canyon Rd until you reach the event staging area

    • Line is accessible at Union City BART and Fremont BART

    • Visit AC Transit Line 216 for full list of stops

  • Line 232:

    • Get off at Mission Blvd & Niles Canyon Rd and continue walking down Niles Canyon Rd towards the event staging area

    • Line is accessible at Union City BART and Fremont BART

    • Visit AC Transit Line 232 for full list of stops

Bus Icon.png

Free Shuttle

  • Free shuttles will run to and from Stroll & Roll Niles/Fremont staging at Fremont BART and Quarry Lakes.

  • Shuttles will have accompanying bike trailers to help transport people and bikes.

  • All shuttles will have a stop at Niles District

    • Due to traffic and safety reasons, the Niles District Stop allows for passenger pick-up and drop off only. No Bikes.​

Shuttle Schedule:

  • Fremont BART → Niles District → Stroll & Roll Fremont Staging Area​

    • First shuttle begins at 7:30am at Fremont BART​

    • Shuttle runs every 20min

    • Last shuttle from Fremont Staging Area to Fremont BART at 2:30pm

  • Quarry Lakes → Niles District → Stroll & Roll Fremont Staging Area

    • First shuttle begins at 7:30am at Quarry Lakes Parking Lot

    • Shuttle runs every 15min

    • Last shuttle from Fremont Staging Area to Quarry Lakes Parking Lot at 2:30pm


NOTE: There are no shuttles on the Sunol side as parking at the SFPUC lot is within close walking/biking proximity to the event.

Free Parking

  • Fremont Side:

    • Fremont BART - 2000 Bart Way, Fremont, CA 94536

    • Quarry Lakes - 2100 Isherwood Way, Fremont, CA 94536

  • Sunol Side:​

    • SFPUC Lot - 11600 Pleasanton Sunol Road, Sunol, CA 94586


The Niles Canyon Stroll & Roll is a biennial event where Highway 84/Niles Canyon Road is closed to vehicular traffic. This is an opportunity for people to walk and bike safely through the canyon with their friends and family.


Stroll & Roll began in 2015 by the late Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle and former Supervisor Scott Haggerty in an effort to promote an initiative to create a Class 1 Trail through the Niles Canyon.

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